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Empire At War Game Review

Star Wars: Empire at War is a 3D real-time strategy (RTS) set in more than 30 well known ground and space locations from the Star Wars Universe, including Yavin IV, Tatooine and Dagobah.

The game gives the player the ability to command an entire war for the Star Wars galaxy, giving you the freedom to determine how you play the game.

The game is set a bit before the events of Episode IV A New Hope, and you get to wage war on ground and in space, as well as experiencing the creation of the Rebel Alliance, the strengthening of the Empire and the beginnings of the Galactic Civil War. The player can use the multitude of vehicles and weapons from Episode III.

Like most of the Star Wars RTS games, you can choose to join either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, building and setting up tactical forces to unleash you’re your enemy in real-time 3D.

This game allows you to control the outcome of space battles and ground battles, along with the overall management of the entire galaxy. This combination allowed for multiple different types of gameplay, which kept the game interesting.

This graphics of this game are quite impressive and make the gameplay even that much better. One impressive part of the game is the ability to view the battles in a cinematic view. This takes away your control of the battle, but allows you to view the battle as if you were watching a Star Wars movie.

vThis game reintroduces the hero character which brings more of the movies into the games. These hero characters can be the determining factor of a battle.

All of the gameplay and action within Empire at War is persistent, meaning that strategic and tactical elements from previous events will have a permanent effect on the galaxy. In addition to the single-player campaign mode, the game includes a two-player campaign mode and online skirmish modes for up to eight players.

Overall, I give this game a 8/10. This game is probably the best Star Wars RTS game that I have played.

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