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FEAR Game Review

This new game from Sierra is definately one of the top FPS (First Person Shooter) games of the year. This game has probably been the top FPS game since Half-Life 2.

The Game Play

The game play for this game is very fast and exciting. The speed of this game kind of reminded me of Quake 4 a bit. Their are a lot of enemies and obstacles, and they come at you fast. The guns are pretty cool, but their aren't any guns that really stand out compared to some of the FPS games of the past. However, one thing that does set this game apart, is its cool new ‘bullet time’ feature. This feature allows you to slow the gameplay down into slow motion for a bit. This new feature was really cool and fun in my opinion, and also is a huge help when you are in a jam. Their are certain times in the game that would be very tough to get past without this added feature. Also, the game FEAR lives up to its name. If you like games that make you jump, this game will definately scare you a few times.


The graphics and effects of FEAR are quite amazing. It will take a beast of a computer to run this game at high settings, but if you can, then you are in for a treat. The lighting is very cool looking and very realistic. The gun models and the enemy models are also very detailed. Also, the maps and levels you will navigate through are impressive if you look closely at them. As gamers expect the games to keep looking better and better, FEAR definately delivers when it comes to graphics.

Overall, I give this game a 8.5/10. This game is probably the best FPS game since Half-Life 2.

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