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The Advantages of a Good Mouse for Gaming

I play a lot of different games of all types. I play first person shooter games such as Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, and FEAR. I am also into real time strategy games such as command and conquer, starcraft, and warcraft. There are a few things that really improve the gaming experience such as good headphones, a good video card, a sounds card, and a gaming mouse. This article will look at the gaming mouse and show why it can improve your gaming experience along with your skill in the games you play.

The first thing I look at, and maybe the most important thing, is ergonomics and comfort. It is very important that the mouse is comfortable to you and your hand. There are many times when you may be sitting in front of the computer gaming, or even working, for hours on end. Everyone is different and a gaming mouse may not be the most comfortable thing for you. In my experience, however, gaming mice are much more comfortable since they are made with comfort in mind.

The next feature a gaming mouse often offers is multiple, well-placed buttons that a normal mouse wouldn't have. These are important because most games allow you to set these buttons to perform a certain action in game. For example, in counter-strike, I can bind one of my extra mouse buttons to throw a grenade. If I was using a normal mouse, I would have to hit 4 on my keyboard, then hit mouse1 to throw it. As you can see, I am saving myself a keystroke every time I want to throw a grenade. These extra buttons can be even more important in real-time strategy games in which there are a lot of actions.

Have you ever had your mouse go into sleep mode right before an enemy comes into your crosshairs? If so, a gaming mouse would fix this. One problem with normal mice is that they often have a power-saving feature that turns off the mouse if your are inactive for a certain amount of time. This can cause a little delay in your response if you are not moving the mouse at all times. You may be able to disable this feature with some mice, but you don't have to worry about this with a gaming mouse since they don't turn off. This small and often overlooked feature can be the difference between a kill or a death in some instances.

One more advantage of the gaming mouse is the accuracy and precision of the pointer. Gaming mice often come with 1600 or 2000 dpi (dots per inch). This added precision will make it easier to control the mouse. Also, gaming mice often track better than normal mice. This means that your movements of the mouse are more accuratly and better picked up by a gaming mouse.

When looking to buy a gaming mouse, I would look at comfort first. Most gaming mice come with a high dpi and extra buttons, so comfort can really set them apart. When it comes to the extra buttons, look to see which ones seem well placed to you. I would read some reviews to see what other gamers think, but I personally like the Logitech mx518, the Razer Diamondback, and the Logitech G5 laser. Happy Gaming!

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