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Red Alert 3 Game Review

Red Alert 3 is a new game from EA in the command and conquer Red Alert series. It is a real-time strategy game similar to the warcraft series.

The Game Play

I was impressed by the game play for this new game. EA found a way to take the same concept and add on to it to make it better. The visual effects were improved from the last game in the series and the missions were fun to play. The thing I liked the most about the game was the new co-op mission capability. This new feature allowed you to play the campaigns with a player online. I found it to be very fun to jump on ventrilo (voice over IP app) with a friend and play a few campaign missions. I feel like this was a good enough feature to make the game a success by itself. The only downside was that the campaigns were a little on the short side. I think each campaign only had like 6 or so missions in it. However, a few of the missions seemed a little more involved than the past C&C games so this may have not been as short as it sounds.


Another impressive thing about this game was the cast. They cast includes Tim Curry, Jenny McCarthy, Gina Carano, J.K. Simmons, George Takei, and more. The cast did a great job with the cut scenes and really made me get into the story more than past command and conquer games.

Overall, I give this game a 9.5/10. This game is probably the best real time strategy game to come along in awhile.

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